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2023 Youth NFL Flag Program & Flag Football League

The 2023 FALL SEASON kicks off Sunday, September 10th. In case you didn’t play in the Spring, we’re now a “Teams Only” league, like the Men’s league. Each Head Coach is a Franchise Owner and collects your own players fees, then mails in a single check(“LIYFFL”) to the league office along with your TEAM REGISTRATION FORM(attached). Free agents are no longer added to established teams unless requested. The Fall 2023 team fee is $1950 and covers up to 11 players. You can have less players, that’s up to you, there is no longer be a minimum roster. You can have 8, 9, 10…whatever. However, the team fee will still be $1950, our cost/price point. Each additional player over 11 players will be an additional $175 per player. So for example, I have 13 players. My check is for $2250. I have 11 players my check is for $1950. I have 10 players my check is still for $1950. You’ll supply their names/emails/birthdates on the attached TEAM REGISTRATION FORM you’ll be submitting with your team payment. Since we’re on a “Team Fee” format now there is no longer the “3rd Child Free” discount.

Your correct division for Fall is based on what your players ages will be on 12/31/23: 6U- 2017/2018 8U- 2015/2016 10U- 2013/2014 12U- 2011/2012 14U- 2009/2010 17U- 2006/2007/2008

The online PLAYER REG FORM will now be for Free Agents only. Your returning players should not fill one out unless you are NOT coaching this Fall. If you’re not Coaching this Fall please inform your players so they can still become a Free Agent.  The Free Agents fill out the Registration Form but they don’t pay until a Coach claims them. All Coaches will have access to a master list of Free Agent names/locations/age/positions etc. If you need players to fill out your roster you’ll have access to the Free Agents of your choice.  If you wind up with half a team for Fall due to losing kids to other Fall sports we can always put you together with another 1/2 team that had the same problem.

To register your team for the FALL 2023 season just fill out the attached TEAM REGISTRATION FORM and return it with a check to: LIYFFL, PO Box 518, Bethpage NY 11714.


July 1st- Must request your NFL team for the jerseys on or before July 1st to secure a certain NFL team jersey. Just email us your team choice and roster count estimate at

August 27th-  ALL team Team Registration Forms & Payments must be received on or before August 27th at LIYFFL, PO Box 518, Bethpage NY 11714.

Hope to see you on September 10th!


George Higgins-Commissioner

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Parents Name:                                                  Child’s Name:
Phone:                                                               EMAIL:
Age as of 12/31/22:                                    Grade:                                            School:
Division-Age(circle):  BOYS-    6 & Under         8&Under       10&Under
        12&Under         14&Under           17&Under
      GIRLS- 6&Under  8&Under         10&Under        12&Under      14&Under        17& Under
(Divisions based on age as of 12/31/22)
Parent will coach?(No practices, just games)             Yes              No
Teammates requested:

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