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Each week we have included the roster rules with the schedule. They will be strictly enforced for playoffs. As the captain of your team, it has been your responsibility each week to make sure the sign in sheets were filled out correctly. If an issue arises with your roster during playoffs, we will go to the sheets and check. If the player(s) are not correctly signed in on the amount of sheets that are required to be eligible for playoffs, you will lose the protest.
If you protest a rule or another teams roster, there are instructions on how to do so in the rules that can be found on the website (under Player Zone).
If your teams roster is being questioned, I would advise you not to use the player in question unless you are 100 percent certain you will not lose the protest.
8-Man “D” Division- There is no option for a stiff arm at the coin-toss in playoffs. The “D” Division does not allow stiff arms.
ALL Nassau 8-Man- Eisenhower and Mitchel are closed due to cricket. This means we have to use alternate fields. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Scheduling- There are no more weeks off (other than what was previously scheduled). I have accommodated everyone all season, but we are up against it now. So if you cannot play your scheduled game for any reason, you will have to forfeit.
Licenses- Everyone must bring a valid ID in case there is a roster protest. Please make sure ALL of your players know. There are no exceptions or excuses.


TIME REQUESTS FOR PLAYOFFS- We will try our best to accommodate your needs each week. Unlike the regular season, it is not as easy to move things around. You have to play at your scheduled time. If you cannot play, it will be up to your opponent if they take a forfeit win or can double/triple up the following week.

BAD WEATHER: If there is bad weather, game/field status reports will be posted on the Weather Alert page of by 7am. Check back in periodically for any updates:

6.     ROSTERS: ROSTERS ARE LOCKED. If a player has not legibly signed himself in to at least 4 games, he is not eligible for playoffs. Players must be present at minimum of 4 games to be eligible for post – season. Player must obtain release from previous coach before jumping teams during first 5 weeks and he cannot go to lower division. No player can play on more than one team regardless of division (can result in player suspension and/or team forfeit). A player CAN play 8-man and 5-man. Injured players receive attendance credit by printing their name on the weekly sign-in sheet and writing “IR” next to it. Weekly sign-in sheet MUST be filled out at field, not before. Late arriving players cannot play until they sign-in & time-out must be used. However, a player may sign in on the other team’s timeout, an official’s timeout or at the 2 minute warning. Players must show Driver’s License at all post season games.

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