The NFL FLAG Program of Oyster Bay Town along with the Long Island Flag Football League will once again for our 29th year offer zero-contact NFL Flag for boys & girls, in separate divisions,  ages 5-17 years old at fields across the Town of Oyster Bay. Last year’s program was a huge success with over 2500 participants learning & enjoying Flag Football in a safe, NO CONTACT format. As we have in the past, all “friends” will be placed on the same team to assist parents coordinating rides. All games last one(1) hour and are played on Sundays sometime between 9AM-5PM beginning September 11th , at fields closest to where you live. Your child will be placed on a team from the same school. You may also register a full team of neighbors/classmates(must have a minimum of 11 players or we will add players). NYS certified H.S. football officials are used and alternate play-dates are available for any Sunday game that conflict with religious holidays. There is ZERO blocking in flag football so it doesn’t require week-night practices that infringe upon a student’s homework/study time. There are six regular season games followed by play-offs(everyone makes the playoffs) and a Super Bowl. The season kicks-off Sunday September 11th. This program is not affiliated with any school districts. Cut-off date for Registration is August 31st.

The price per child is only $165 ($173 if using PayPal due to fees) (3rd sibling free) and includes an NFL jersey, and flag belt.  To register your child, or team, just fill out the below info & return it with your check to(made out to “LIFFL”): TOB/NFL FLAG, PO BOX 518, BETHPAGE, NY 11714 Or use our PayPal Option: You can register online by filling out the online registration form and then clicking on the PayPal button. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THE ON-LINE REGISTATION FORM COMPLETELY!! If you don’t see the button, you can always look under the Player Zone menu and select “Make A Payment” (the fee is $173, due to PayPal fees). Parent coaches are always needed and appreciated! You just need to be at the games. For further details email us at

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Division-Age(circle):        6 & Under Boys/Girls        8&Under  Boys/Girls        10&Under  Boys/Girls

12&Under  Boys/Girls       14&Under  Boys/Girls          17&Under Boys/Girls

(Divisions based on age as of 12/31/22)

Parent will coach?(No practices, just games)             Yes              No

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