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In 1995, the league launched one of the first sports websites, FlagFootball.com, 1 year before the NFL had its own web site!

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If you are registering for the Youth League, Please check out the News section for additional information. Adult League and Tournament pricing

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The NFL FLAG Program of Oyster Bay Town along with the Long Island Flag Football League will once again for our 29th year offer zero-contact NFL

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LIFFL Power Rankings
8 Man
1. Hoof Hearted Nassau
2. O-State Suffolk
3. Unsullied Nassau
4. Immortalz Suffolk
5. Ducks Suffolk
5 Man A/B
1. Black Haus Nassau
2. DILFS Nassau
3. PH7 Nassau
4. Bogarts Nassau
5. Screwed Nassau
5 Man C
1. The Beefs Suffolk
2. ZFU Express Nassau
3. Tune Squad Suffolk
4. Shivas Queens
5. The Other Guys Suffolk
1. Degenerates Suffolk
2. Trash Nassau
3. Primetime Suffolk
4. The Ville Nassau
5. Bogarts Nassau
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In the 8-Man “B” Division, Hoof Hearted (Nassau) continued their historical run by defeating O-State in the Final 22-13 In the 8-Man “C” Division, Unsullied (Nassau) captured their first 8-Man C Spring Championship by defeating the Immortalz 24-22     SOE (Suffolk) won their 2nd 8-man D Championship by defeating Spartans OG 13-12   Black

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SUMMER REGISTRATION INFO- Men’s Sundays, 5-Man Weeknight, Co-Ed Weeknight, & Women’s Div.

JUST GO TO LIFFL.COM & FILL OUT THE REG FORM & YOU’RE IN! Our 39th SUMMER SEASON will kick off on Sunday, June 23rd, June 30th, or July 7th on fields throughout Nassau & Suffolk Counties! Women’s Division info can be found here: https://liffl.com/liffl-womens-division/ Our Sunday league will be offering a 6 game season, 5 regular season games followed by a (1 game guarantee) Tournament

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Spring Playoff News

NOTES FOR PLAYOFFS Each week we have included the roster rules with the schedule. They will be strictly enforced for playoffs. As the captain of your team, it has been your responsibility each week to make sure the sign in sheets were filled out correctly. If an issue arises with your roster during playoffs, we

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Adult League Youth League Next Season Info


Check the News Section for the Summer League registration info. We have added a Coed & a Women’s Division for the Summer!

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