Our 2024 WOMEN’S LEAGUE SEASON kicks off July 11th on fields in Massapequa and Farmingdale!

Our Weeknight Women’s league will be offering a guaranteed 5 game season, 4 regular season games and one guaranteed playoff game. EVERYONE makes the playoffs! Games on Thursday Nights at 9 & 10PM in Massapequa.


$150 Per Player or $600 per team

Ref Fees(Weekly at field) $25 per team

Awards: Championship T-Shirts

Style of Play: 4-on-4 No Contact (Air-It-Out) / Roster Minimum: 5  Roster Max: 8

HOW TO REGISTER- (Fill out the form, but DO NOT PAY until notified)

There are a few ways to register for the women’s division.

If you are registering as a player, fill out the registration form and we will use the information you provide to place you on a team. You do not pay until you are placed on a team. 

If you are registering a TEAM, fill out the registration form and use the comment box on the bottom to submit your roster. 

If you want to sign up with some friends, but not enough for a whole team we will place you on the same team and fill the rest of your roster with individual registrants (Free Agents). 


  1. 4-on-4:  4 players per side on field. If one side has less than 4,  the “full” team has “man advantage” (i.e. 4 on 3). Anything less than 3 is a forfeit. (When playing with fewer players, that teams defense does not have to rush the QB.)  GAME TIME- (2) 16-minute running time halves with a 2-minute NFL Clock at the end of the 2nd half. 2 time-outs per game. Mercy Rule is 28 points at any point in the 2nd half or 17 at the 2 minute warning.

  1. FIELD: 25×60 yard field with fixed 1st down at the 20 yard line and two 10 yard End Zones. The 5 and 15 yard lines on each side are NO RUN ZONES (Pass Only). The offensive teams start each possession on their 5 yard line and have 3 downs to gain a 1st down at midfield or to score a touchdown. Interceptions can be run back for touchdowns but if the run back fails, the intercepting team will gain possession at their own 5 yard line. All extra points can be run back for 2 points.

3. All Teams must wear matching colors. Jersey’s are not mandatory. NFL Pop-Flags will be used. You can bring your own or buy them at the field ($5.00 per belt)


4. All backward passes, laterals, & handoffs behind the line of scrimmage are considered run plays and are not allowed inside the NO          RUSH (PASS ONLY) ZONES.


5. The Offense has 6 seconds to advance the ball over the line of scrimmage or the play will be blown dead and the spot will be where the ball carrier/QB has the ball as time expires. (5- count, 6 is the whistle)


6. Anyone on defense can rush the QB as long as they are lined up 5 yards from the line of scrimmage at the snap. Only the rusher that is head to head with the center has the right of way during the rush. Any other rusher(s) must avoid contact with offensive players.


7. There is no blocking or setting picks allowed. When the ball carrier is advancing the ball, no player can run in front or along side. You can trail for a pitch as long as it does not pick the defense.


8. The center can snap the ball on the side, rather then through the legs if they choose. The Ball must be on the ground before it is snapped to the QB.


9.  There are no fumbles. If the ball hits the ground the play is dead UNLESS it is a bad snap and the QB picks it up cleanly (referees discretion)


10. There is NO DIVING to advance the ball, No Stiff Arms, No FLAG GUARDING (10 yard penalty, loss of down). Jumping is allowed. Dipping is allowed when both arms are completely over the hips or else it is a flag guard.


All rules not covered here are deferred to the LIFFL Men’s 5-man rule book. They could be found under the 8-man rules here: LIFFL RULES


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