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This Summer the LIFFL is bringing 8-man teams and 5-man teams together by adding a separate division for 5-man that includes a stiff arm. There will still be no blocking down field, and all of the other standard 5-man rules apply. During the Summer months, coaches have a tough time because many players have other commitments and they struggle to field a team. 5-man with a stiff arm now gives you the ability to field a team because of the small roster size. It also gives existing 5-man teams the chance to add some physicality to their game. And lets not forget that it gives a chance for some lineman to get our there and catch the ball for a change after a long Spring season in the trenches!

The 5-man Stiff Arm Division will be a separate entity from the other divisions. That means players and teams can play in both 5-man B & C or 8-Man, as well as the 5-Man Stiff Arm division!

Note: When filling out the Registration form, 5-man “Stiff Arm” may not show on the page as an option. Just select 5-Man, and then use the comment box to tell us you want to play in this division.

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