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01/11/2015 STRONG ISLAND 49ERS(5-Man Team)

The Strong Island 49ers defeated Venom 20-0 in the final of the 2015 5-Man “A” Division Winter Nationals!

01/11/2015 BRIDESMAIDS(Nassau)

The Bridemaids defeated Team Bates 19-12 in the 5-Man “B” Division final of the 2015 Witer Nationals Tournament!

01/11/2015 STRONG ISLAND 49ERS(Nassau)

Strong Island 49ers defeated Fat Sacks 35-7 in the 8-Man “C” Division Final of the 2015 Winter Nationals!

01/11/2015 Skamoog(Westchester, NY)

Skamoog defeated NY Venom 26-0 in the 2015 8-Man “B” Division Winter National Tournament.



01/22/2015 WRENIS PINKLES(Nassau)

Wrenis Pinkles defeated Little Giants 32-13 in the 2015 Winter League 5-Man “C” Division LI Super Bowl!

01/22/2015 BAD COMPANY(Nassau)

Bad Company defeated Wyldboyz 13-7 in the 2015 Winter League 5-Man “B” Division Long Island Championship game!


01/11/2015 HMD(Suffolk)

HMD defeated Wasted Balls 19-14 in the 2015 Winter League 5-Man “A” LI SUPER BOWL!

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