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16U Team 2 Dolphins8010001294386
26U Team 3 Jaguars7277815443111
36U Team 1 Colts527141055154
46U Team 10 Chiefs435711075750
56U Team 5 Eagles445001047628
66U Team 7 Steelers44500100119-19
76U Team 6 Saints34429102103-1
86U Team 9 Giants3537580152-72
96U Team 4 Rams07027128-101
106U Team 8 Vikings07038174-136

8U North

18U North Team 7 Jaguars80100015536119
28U North Team 3 Vikings627501465195
38u North Team 10 Ravens536251234974
48U North Team 2 Jets536251269729
58U North Team 8 Titans4450097115-18
68U North Team 1 Bengals3442984822
78U North Team 6 Packers344297699-23
88U North Team 9 Rams353756298-36
98U North Team 5 Lions1614318201-183
108U North Team 4 Steelers0702584-59

8U South

18U South Team 9 Eagles8010002066200
28U South Team 10 Cowboys627501105159
38U South Team 6 Jets527141035548
48U South Team 8 Bills53625937122
58U South Team 3 Colts435714470-26
68U South Team 7 Chargers445006175-14
78U South Team 2 Panthers353756978-9
88U South Team 5 49ers2625096114-18
98U South Team 4 Giants1614351141-90
108U South Team 1 Saints0706178-172

10U North

110U North Team 1 Chiefs618571439944
210U North Team 5 Rams7277822599126
310U North Team 2 Cowboys6275020311192
410U North Team 6 Jaguars43571111125-14
510U North Team 7 Colts4450012510619
610U North Team 8 Saints3442998118-20
710U North Team 9 Patriots353754695-49
810U North Team 4 Seahawks252863855-17
910U North Team 10 Steelers2625055134-79
1010U North Team 3 Panthers1614364166-102

10U South

110U South Team 7 Ravens7187520057143
210U South Team 3 49ers7187520373130
310U South Team 5 Chargers527141098623
410U South Team 1 Packers44500101107-6
510U South Team 8 Vikings3442975101-26
610U South Team 2 Giants2625050139-89
710U South Team 4 Giants1614337115-78
810U South Team 6 Buccaneers1614338135-97

12U North

112U North Team 4 Steelers70100021146165
212U North Team 5 Jaguars7010001687494
312U North Team 3 Steelers435711309337
412U North Team 8 Buccaneers4357187102-15
512U North Team 6 Bills344291419942
612U North Team 7 Dolphins344296184-23
712U North Team 1 Colts26250105224-119
812U North Team 9 Bears1614347165-118
912U North Team 2 Eagles070791-84

12U South

112U South Team 4 Giants80100018339144
212U South Team #7 Titans718751578572
312U South Team 6 Panthers3442916512837
412U South Team 2 Buccaneers3442981130-49
512U South Team 3 Seahawks3537564144-80
612U South Team 5 Colts26250113164-51
712U South Team 1 Rams2625072124-52


114U Team 4 Giants7010001576988
214U Team 6 Steelers44500116129-13
314U Team 3 Packers3442915110051
414U Team 2 Saints34429136166-30
514U Team 1 Chiefs3442982153-71
614U Team 5 49ers26250150175-25

High School Division

1HS Team 3 Saints60100024990159
2HS Team 4 Lions61857221109112
3HS Team 2 Seahawks4357117915524
4HS Team 5 Eagles3350076123-47
5HS Team 7 Jaguars34429124176-52
6HS Team 1 Steelers1614357169-112
7HS Team 6 Giants05071149-78